Crafting tones heard on albums & stages across the globe

Cooper is a leading authority on Fractal Audio products, including the flagship Axe-Fx III, which has gained immense popularity with the industry’s largest touring and recording acts.

As a production consultant, Cooper has worked with artists like Maroon 5, Journey, Taylor Swift, Dave Matthews Band, Dashboard Confessional, and Zach Brown Band, among others, to design tones heard on countless albums and stages across the globe.

He also routinely provides consulting services to companies across the music industry in the areas of business, marketing, video & media, and gear design.


Ernie Ball Music Man – Fractal Audio Systems – Tour Supply

Maroon 5 – Dave Matthews Band – Journey – Taylor Swift

Dashboard Confessional – Mastodon – Avenged Sevenfold

Zach Brown Band – Bush – Volbeat – Alice in Chains