“Guitar wizard” and “YouTube sensation” Cooper Carter’s signature mix of songwriting and fiery guitar playing has delighted audiences across the country and the world. The creator of YouTube’s popular SoloAWeek™ channel, Cooper’s viral guitar work has been featured in Entertainment Weekly, NPR, Vox, Guitar World Magazine, Revolver, ClassicFM, and more.

Cooper is a leading authority on Fractal Audio products, which have gained immense popularity with the industry’s largest touring and recording acts. As a production consultant, he’s supported:

Metallica, Journey, Def Leppard, Maroon 5, P!nk, Dream Theater, John Mayer Band, TS, A7X, DMB, ZBB, BUSH, Dashboard Confessional, Evanescence, Brit Floyd,

and many more, designing tones heard on countless albums and stages across the globe.

He routinely provides consulting services to companies across the music industry in the areas of business, marketing, video & media, and gear design, and as a lead guitarist, he has performed live and recorded with dozens of artists.

For more on Cooper’s work as a producer/director of concert films and promotional spots, see IMBD.